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Piano for All Piano Course!

Updated: Feb 11

I've been teaching piano/voice since at least 2006, Kathryn, M.A.! I have taught many beginners over the years! In many piano books (and many piano teachers) teach by individual notes! I LOVE that this course teaches chords from the beginning (especially for older students)! As a teacher, one of my goals, is to have students playing familiar songs as soon as possible. In traditional piano teaching settings, students learn one note at a time.

The KEY is to practice and have fun with the practice; I would recommend even just 10 - 15 minutes a day. Be consistent - every or every other day is much better than a long practice once a week! I love to sing and play - it brings so much joy; it is such a blessing!!

Here is a sample videos from the course!

By the way, I have free sheet music as well!

Kathryn Carpenter, M.A. (piano/voice teacher):


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