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Looking for online lessons? (via zoom or muzi live) 

Contact Kathryn Carpenter for potential time slots (EDT)

Half hour rate online lessons: $30

Looking for in - person lessons?

Contact Kathryn for rates!

Piano lessons can include:

* Traditional piano

* Classical music

* Improvisation on hymns, jazz standards, or other popular forms

* Improvisation on chords/arranging

* Chords and theory

* Piano method books

* Students can pick their interest in piano study!


Vocal lessons can include:

* Vocal technique

* Vocal warm ups

* Classical voice (opera), jazz, gospel, and Christian music

* Topics discussed in voice study/technique: posture, relaxation, resonance, tone placement, diction, breathing, vibrato, vocal styles, and other topics!

Kathryn holds a M.A. in music and a B.A. in music business/vocal performance minor!  In addition, she studied classical piano (Anderson University), opera (Anderson University), and jazz piano (Ball State) with professors from Ball State and Anderson University! Kathryn has been teaching since 2006!

For in person lessons in Noblesville, IN
contact Kathryn!

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Grand Piano
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Online lessons: click for details!

Contact Kathryn for more information!

To learn more about Kathryn's background and educational background (click here)!

Other online programs:




Online class for the beginning pianists through Udemy! 

* Includes 52 minutes of teaching

* Learn the basics of piano

* Includes sheet music

* Learn "Jingle Bells" & "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!"

* Click photo to preview class!

Create Music in the Key of C

Click photo to download a FREE copy of "Create Music in the Key of C"

* These are the fundamentals and foundation for the key of C and improvising within this key!

* Includes C major scale (both hands)

* Includes C major, F major, and G7 (both hands), as well as chords inversions!

* Includes the main chords in C major: C, Dm, Em, F, G7, Am, and B dim

Jazz Method for Kids

Jazz Method for Kids (Piano)

* An exciting study of jazz, blues, and improvisation for piano students, teens, and kids!

* Supplemental method for students wanting an introduction to jazz chords, blues, and improvisation

* Method is all music (instruction or theory explanation not included)

* For the intermediate piano student

* Blues exercises

* Includes ii-V-I progressions in the key of C

* Includes root chords for 6th chords, M7th chords, m6th chords, m7th chords, and dominant 9th chords!

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