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Kathryn Carpenter, M.A., vocalist, recording artist, composer/arranger, piano and vocal instructor, has been teaching since 2006. What a blessing and privilege it is to teach music to students of all ages a variety of forms of music, as well as a love for music! Kathryn's educational background includes a B.A. in music business (Anderson University) with a vocal performance minor (studied classical voice, opera), and a M.A. in music (Ball State University 2005), studying jazz piano. Her vocal teaching experience includes teaching private lessons (classical voice, jazz, gospel, and music for children).


Kathryn's piano teaching experience includes teaching traditional piano, classical music, improvisation on hymns, jazz standards, and other popular forms, as well as chords and theory. Growing up in a musical family, Kathryn's family, the Georges, ministered (and still minister) through music in various churches. Kathryn enjoys arranging, singing, self-publishing music, recording, and writing written music for her students!


Kathryn’s books: (Books are on Amazon or PDF)

1. Jazz, Blues, Contemporary, & Pop Piano

2. Hymn Collection for Advanced Piano

3. Christmas Duets for Piano & Violin

4. A Happy, Jazzy, Classy Christmas (Intermediate)

5. Christmas Piano for the Late Beginner

6. Hymn Collection for Advanced Piano & Violin

7. Time for Jazz Piano (Intermediate)

8. Hymn Duets for Piano & Violin: Easy Hymn Arrangements

9. Heavenly Hymns for Piano

10. Finger Exercise Collection for Scales

11. Finger Exercise Collection (5 Note Exercises)

12. Finger Exercise Collection for Harmonic Minor Scales

13. Fun with Classics: Intermediate Piano Pieces with a Classical Style

14. News for the Blues (Intermediate Piano)

15. Fun with Chords: Finger Exercise Collection

16. Hymns for Everyone: Easy & Intermediate Arrangements

17. Hymns for Everyone: Piano & Violin Duets

18. It’s Time to Boogie (Piano Level 2)

19. Jazz Duets for Piano and Violin

20. Contemplating Christmas with Piano

Kathryn’s CD Projects/Recordings (Albums)

“Heavenly Hymns Not Forgotten” (2006)

“Heaven” (2011)

“Prince of Peace” (2012)

“Only Trust Him” (2015)

"Ever in Joyful Song" (2017)

"A Jazzical Christmas" (2020)

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