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Learning Jazz Chords - (Part 4 - Minor 7th Chords)!

Updated: Mar 15

Minor 7th chords are beautiful!! They have a mysteries, yet wonderful sound! In order to create a minor 7th chord, take the minor chord and add the minor 7th! The 7th will be a whole step from the top root note! So, Cm7 would be C-Eb-G-Bb. In addition, minor 7th chords are wonderful with the 11th added!

Here are the minor 7th chords below!

Minor 7th Chords:

Cm7: C Eb G Bb

C#m7: C# E G# B

Dm7: D F C A

Ebm7: Eb Gb Bb Db

Em7: E G B D

Fm7: F Ab C Eb

F#m7: F# A C# E

Gm7: G Bb D F

Abm7: Ab Cb Eb Gb

Am7: A C E G

Bbm7: Bb Db F Ab

Sheet music for "Learning Jazz Chords" and the minor 7th can be found: and!

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