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"5 Note Blues Exercises!"

Updated: Aug 9

5 Note Blues Exercise! PDF Here!

5 Note Blues Exercises No. 5
Download PDF • 124KB

Interested in learning the blues?

Here are a couple of tips to start learning the blues in the key of C (technically C minor)!

1. Use the blues scales. For example, the C minor blues scale includes:

C--Eb-F-F#-G-Bb-C. The blues scale is different for each key, and there is the idea of major and minor blues!

I would use the fingering in the right hand (1-2-3-4-1-2-3) for the C minor blues scale!

2. Incorporate the use of 5ths and 6ths in the left hand

3. Use 3rds in the right hand!

4. Swing the 8th notes (when applicable)

5. Employ the use of syncopation

6. Incorporate the use of 6ths in the right hand (moving chromatically)!

7. You can possibly swing the intervals of 5ths and 6ths!

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