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"Learn to Play the Piano!"

Interested in learning to play the piano online?

Here are a few tools to help the process!

Here is a list of my own tutorials for learning the piano! These are on YouTube!

"Jingle Bells" tutorial:

"Finger Exercise Collection for Piano" tutorial:

"5 Note Blues Exercise"

"Minor Blues Etude"

"Boogie, Boogie Little Star"

"Amazing Grace" tutorial (level 2):

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

"The C Major Scale:



Free Sheet Music!

Also, check out Piano For All!

They have many video tutorials, including 300 videos (25 hours total)!

1,000's of audio lessons!

Play be ear and read music at the same time!

I (Kathryn) have been watching some of the blues and jazz videos! I love how the author combines music theory with note reading and videos! It is fantastic!

Includes various styles! #affiliate

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