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Learning Jazz Chords (Part 1 - Major 6th chords!)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Jazz chords are fantastic! In fact, I would say they are quite heavenly, especially the major 6th chords!

You can build a major 6th chords by adding the 6th to any major chord! For example, C major is C-E-G and a C6 chord is C-E-G-A. One way to learn the major 6th chords is to start learning them in root position going up by half steps! (C6: C-E-G-A, then Db6: Db-F-Ab-Bb), etc... Or, you could learn them in the order below!

The most common chords to learn would be C6, F6, G6, Bb6!

Major chords - 6th chords:

C6: C E G A (common major 6th chord)

F6: F A C D (common major 6th chord)

G6: G B D E (common major 6th chord)

A6: A C# E F#

E6: E G# B C#

D6: D F# A B

B6: B D# F# G#

F#6 – same as Gb6: F# A# C# D#

Bb6: Bb D F G (common major 6th chord)

Ab6: Ab C Eb F

Db6 (same as C#6): Db F Ab Bb

Eb6: Eb G Bb C

After you learn the root position chords (the chords above), you can start to invert the chords (change the order of the notes)! For example, C6 (C-E-G-A) can become (E-G-A-C), which is a C6 first inversion chord.

Below includes a video on learning jazz chords - the first page is the major 6th chords in root position! Sheet music is available on this website ( & ,!

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