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Learning Jazz Chords (Part 3 - Major 7th chords!)

Major 7th chords are quite dissonant, and are terrific for creating tension. However, adding the 9th to the chords adds a bit of sweetness! Also, the major 7th and 6th chords go quite nicely together!

In order to create a major 7th chord, you take a major chord and add the major 7th. The 7th will be a whole step from the top root note. So, for example, to create C major 7 (CM7), you could create the major chord (C-E-G), and then add the major 7th (B). Consequently, CM7 is (C-E-G-B). Below includes major 7th chords!

Major 7th Chords:

Cmaj7: C E G B

C# maj7 or Dbmaj7: C# E# G# B#

Dmaj7: D F# A C#

Eb maj7 or D#maj7: Eb G Bb D

E maj7: E G# B D#

F maj7: F A C E

F#maj7 or Gbmaj7: F# A# C# E#

Gmaj7: G B D F#

Abmaj7or G#maj7: Ab C Eb G

A maj7: A C# E G#

Bbmaj7 or A#maj7: Bb D F A

Sheet music for the major 7th chords, can be found: (learning jazz chords) and!

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