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Learning Jazz Chords (Part 2 - Minor 6th Chords!)

Updated: Feb 12

Minor 6th chords are beautiful chords, especially the chord inversions! In order to create a minor 6th chord, you can first create the major 6th chord, then lower the 3rd. For example, a C6 chord is C-E-G-A, but to create a minor 6th chord, you would then lower the E. So, the chord would become C-Eb-G-A. Here are the minor 6th chords below! Once you have mastered some of these chords, you can start to practice the chord inversions (change the order of the notes)!

Common minor 6th chords include: Cm6, Fm6, Gm6, and Bbm6

Minor 6th chords:

Cm6: C Eb G A

Fm6: F Ab C D

Gm6: G Bb D E

Am6: A C E F#

Em6: E G B C#

Dm6: D F A B

Bm6: B D F# G#

Fm#6 – same as Gbm6: F# A C# D#

Bbm6: Bb Db F G

Abm6: Ab Cb Eb F

Dbm6 (same as C#6): Db Fb Ab Bb

Ebm6: Eb Gb Bb C

These chords are included in the the sheet music below! These chords can be found on this website: or!

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