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"How to Sing High Notes! (Tips for Singers)"

Updated: Mar 15

Looking to sing high notes?

Here are a few tips and reminders to assist in those high notes!

  1. Lift the soft palate - think of creating the beginning of a yawn. When you yawn, keep the tongue relaxed, the jaw relaxed, but keep the large space.

  2. Think of the large space - the yawn space continuing to open as you sing higher!

  3. Keep the larynx down (keep from moving up)

  4. Think down, not up!

  5. Move into the head voice, don't push the chest voice too high. My teacher was an opera singer/professor and really stressed the idea of moving the head voice down!

  6. Try exercises such as "ming" "nah" "meo" to build resonance (forward placement) and find the head voice!

  7. Use forward vowels such as the "E" vowel to find the head voice!

  8. Use the "K" consonant to lift the soft palate!

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