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Best Finger Exercises for Piano

What are the best finger exercises piano?

Finger exercises should develop strength, coordination, help understand finger placement, hand positions, and dexterity, speed, and finger independence. And, they are great for learning chords, scales, arpeggios, and music theory!

Sometimes finger exercises can be "boring" or mountainous. If you can, make them interesting! Scales, arpeggios, and chords are foundation to music!! If you enjoy making music or writing songs, use them as an opportunity to be creative!

So, what are the best finger exercises for piano?

According to ChatGPT, #scales #arpeggios

"Scales and Arpeggios: Practicing scales and arpeggios is fundamental for developing finger strength, agility, and coordination. Start with major and minor scales in all keys, and then move on to arpeggios."

Yes, this is true. I would also say that scales are fantastic, because you can use them in improvisation as well! Creating music is such a joy!!

"Finger Exercise Collection for Scales." (This is my own book) These are little exercises that are like songs. I put the same exercises in various keys, because they help reinforce patterns for the different keys. As a teacher, I believe in repetition and seeing patterns! And, you can create your own exercises!

Finger exercise
Finger Exercises for Scales

"Finger Exercise Collection for Piano" also includes scales, but these are five note patterns. Learning 5 note finger patters are foundational as well.

Finger Exericse Collecton for Piano

Back on the subject, best exercises for piano...

According to ChatGPT, "Hanon Exercises: Hanon exercises are classic drills designed specifically for finger strength and agility. They consist of repetitive patterns that target different aspects of piano technique, such as finger independence, control, and velocity." Yes, I grew up with Hanan exercises! They are truly fantastic!! They really help with speed and finger strength!! Here are different options for Hanon! This are on Sheet Music Pplus. You can probably find many of these also on Amazon!

Hanon: 20 Exercises (#affiliate)

Chromatic Exercises: "Chromatic exercises involve playing a series of consecutive semitones, usually with a specific fingering pattern. These exercises help develop finger agility and coordination." - ChatGPT. Yes, I would say chromatic exercises are great! In general, they are wonderful in jazz music and circus music.

Octave Exercises: "Octave exercises involve playing octaves with various fingering patterns. They help strengthen the fingers and improve hand span." - also recommended by chatGPT. My own thoughts on octaves, especially in the left hand - be careful with your left hand octaves. If you ever feel strain from octaves, give it a rest!

Chords and Chord Inversions: Another way to practice along the line of technique, would be to practice chords and chord inversions! These are essential for improvisation and creating music! #chord #chordinversions

Slow Practice with Focused Attention - according to ChatGPT: "While not a specific exercise, practicing slowly with focused attention on each finger's movement and coordination is crucial for building precision and control." My piano professor in college would have me practice with a metronome at various speeds when memorizing pieces! This helped tremendously and would also help with finger exercises!

Other ideas for finger exercise books are Fingerpower and A Dozen a Day! I have had students use these over the years as well!

I would say overall, if you can, have fun with finger exercises! Be creative and use them to create your own music! More of my own exercises below! These are also on Sheet Music Plus (sheet music version)!

Books are on Amazon!


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