Jazz Method for Kids

Jazz Method for Kids

Jazz Method for Kids (Piano):

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* An exciting study of jazz, blues, and improvisation for piano students, teens, and kids!
* Supplemental method for students wanting an introduction to jazz chords, blues, and improvisation
* Method is all music (instruction or theory explanation not included)
* For the intermediate piano student
* Blues exercises
* Includes ii-V-I progressions in the key of C
* Includes root chords for 6th chords, M7th chords, m6th chords, m7th chords, and dominant 9th chords!
* Once the student can memorize some of the chords and bass lines, then they can create their own music!

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* Sheet music available here on this site to purchase or through: www.sheetmusicplus.com (Kathryn Carpenter, Jazz Method for Kids)!

Includes jazz bass lines:
Walking bass line
Bossa nova bass line
Boogie woogie bass
Blues bass line
Includes kids songs:
"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" (jazz style & title)
"Ten Little Indians" (jazz style & title)
"Mary Had a Little Lamb" (jazz style & title)
Employs other original jazz study pieces:
"Jazzy Cat"
"Seaside Breeze
"Jazz Time"
"Waltz for Alistair"